Meghann Michalsky is an independent Dance Artist working in Calgary, Alberta.

Ms. Michalsky completed her BA in Contemporary Dance, concentration in Choreography and Performance from the University of Calgary. Since graduating she has rigourously pursued her dance technique training in Alberta, Vancouver, and Montreal, as well as in London, Amsterdam and Vienna.  

With the strength of her performance quality Ms. Michalsky was selected for the Lab Emerging Artist Program, where she performed with the Dance Action Lab (2016). She also danced in Physic/Alchemy (2018), both featuring works by mid-career and mature choreographers, produced by Dancers’ Studio West.   Michalsky has been seen performing for an array of individual artists and companies, including Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Davida Monk, Michele Moss, kloetzel&co, Cloudsway Dance Theatre, Dancing Monkey Laboratories, and J-Sik Movements, amongst others. She has also participated in Sasha Ivanochko (2018), Linnea Swan (2018), Pam Tzeng (2017 & 2018) and Marynia Fekecz (2018) in studio choreographic research.

As a choreographer, Michalsky is inspired by cinema. She seeks to construct an immersive cinematic-like experience through Contemporary Dance; She does this by combining and collaborating with thematic and multi-disciplinary approaches. Michalsky is adamant about layering her work with multiple perspectives to create a captivating interplay between simplicity and complexity. Within this approach, she searches for an intricacy throughout her total composition that holds attention by unfolding the narrative in diverse ways.  

She is known to create highly visceral works with intense musculature. Her movement signature has been described as quirky, vivid, animalistic and idiosyncratic. Her supplementary knowledge in Hip-Hop and Krump movement principles has influenced her to highlight isolated, rhythmic, bound, and fast-twitch movement qualities into her Contemporary choreographies. Currently, her choreography explores the themes of control, constraint and illusion, particularly as these relate to perceptions of social conformity. She is focused on a primal movement aesthetic that showcases the power of a female body through a state of nature, not tamed or domesticated. 

Between 2014 and the present, Michalsky has created seven new works and an additional co-choreographed piece.  Four of these were major works between 20 – 35 minutes in duration. All of them were professionally produced by dance organizations and festivals, or self-produced, in Alberta, and one piece was presented abroad at the 2016 artArctia Festival in Finland.  Her most recent choreographic works have been presented at Fluid Festival, Annual Alberta Dance Festival, Project InTandem, and Convergence. She has received funding four times from Calgary Arts Development, three times from Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and has been awarded Choreographic Residencies from the University of Calgary, W & M Dance Projects and Theatre Junction.