(Mis)Communication explores one’s addiction to technology and investigates the altered persona that is portrayed on social media sites.


TJ Labs 2016 | 35 minute exploration | Calgary, AB

MPact Motion Affair 2015 | 5 minute extension | Calgary, AB

Dance Montage 2014 | 10 minute work | Calgary, AB

Artists Involved

Choreographer: Meghann Michalsky

Playwright/Dramaturge: Matthew Hall

Composer: August Murphy

Performers: Jordan Wallan, Madison Dixon, Julia Mitchell, Ali Zrymiak, Brynn Williams, Taylor Ritchie, Shannon May, Brandon Maturino, Valentia Dimitriou, Odessa Johnston, Sarah Murry, Quinn Kliewer, Cassandra Bowerman, Sylvie Moquin, Chelci Blais, Georgina Moore, Bianca Mir, & Brianne Messing

Outside Eye: Raphaele Thiriet

Supported By

TJ Labs Residency