ReAWaken draws inspiration from a volcanic boiling point and the Ring of Fire - an array of volcanoes that rim the Pacific Ocean. The work expresses one of the most devastating forces on earth, a Volcano, through the power of a female body. 

ReAWaken simmers intensely beneath the earth's skin, always volatile, always on the verge of breaking through. 

ReAWaken is the process of rediscovering the primal female body. It’s a highly visceral work with intense muscularity. The dancers are required to tremor, freeze, brew, explode and be liquid at various times throughout the piece. 


Fluid Festival 2018 | 20 minute work | Calgary, AB

Stream of Dance Festival| 20 minute work | Regina, SK

Artists Involved

Choreographer: Meghann Michalsky

Performers: Katherine Semchuk, Valentia Dimitriou, and Sylvie Moquin

Costume Designer: Myah Van Horn

Music: Original composition by Nathaniel Schmidt & David Burnett

Invited Outside Eyes: Davida Monk, Mike Czuba, and Linnea Swan

Photography: Citrus Photography

Videography: Fluid Festival, 2150 Creative & Six two Six productions

Supported By

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

University of Calgary Dance Alumni Residency Program

W&M Dance Projects Artist in Residence, Artist Support Program and bingo volunteers

Dance Explosions

Canada Council for the Arts

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