ReAWaken draws inspiration from a volcanic boiling point and the Ring of Fire - an array of volcanoes that rim the Pacific Ocean. The work expresses one of the most devastating forces on earth, a Volcano, through the power of a female body. 

ReAWaken is the process of rediscovering the primal female body and embracing all the versions of self that burn beneath. ReAWaken simmers intensely beneath the earth's skin, always volatile, always on the verge of breaking through. 

ReAWaken is a highly visceral work with intense muscularity. The dancers are required to tremor, freeze, brew, explode and be liquid at various times throughout the piece. 


Fluid Festival 2018 | 20 minute work | Calgary, AB

Artists Involved

Choreographer: Meghann Michalsky

Performers: Katherine Semchuk, Valentia Dimitriou, and Sylvie Moquin

Costume Designer: Myah Van Horn

Music: Original composition by Nathaniel Schmidt 

Invited Outside Eyes: Davida Monk, Mike Czuba, and Linnea Swan

Photography: Citrus Photography

Videography: Fluid Festival, 2150 Creative & Six two Six productions

Supported By

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

University of Calgary Dance Alumni Residency Program

W&M Dance Projects Artist in Residence, Artist Support Program and bingo volunteers

Dance Explosions

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