Residue is a work created for two dancers that thematically explores the duality of one individual’s personality. It investigates how certain experiences can shape and form a different version of self at various stages in life.

Residue comments on the dangers of self and societal awareness.

"Feet anchored on the borderlines you drew, perfect ideas that failed to hold true."

"Space for free thought is routinely regarded as a void."

"When will the uprising come, against the part of ourselves to easily lured by the promise of efficiency at the expense of aliveness? Seductive illusions."

"It's an attempt to put myself back together again, in its materials but also its time and labor."

*writings from Matthew Hall

This piece would not exist without the involvement and creative offers throughout the preliminary creation process of this work. Special thanks to those dancers: Pam Tzeng, Kyra Newton, Valentia Dimitriou and Laura Barcelo.


Project InTandem 2017 | 25 minute work | Calgary, AB

Convergence 2017 | 25 minute work | Edmonton, AB

Artists Involved

Created & Directed by Meghann Michalsky & Matthew Hall

Choreographer: Meghann Michalsky

Playwright/Dramaturg: Matthew Hall

Music: Original composition by Nathaniel Schmidt 

Performers: Brenna Heer & Cassandra Bowerman

Invited Outside Eyes: Davida Monk, Mike Czuba, Pam Tzeng

Supported By

Dance Alumni Residency Program at the University of Calgary

W&M Dance Projects Artist in Residence and Artist Support Program

Alberta Foundations for the Arts

Calgary Arts Development