[Sinking/Floating] is an investigative look into the multiple theories contributing to the public’s perception of global warming and climate change. The focus of the piece looks specifically at the impact of global warming on the Arctic, and arctic sea ice.

 “…their longing to touch the unspoiled, their sense that the world was already ruined.” Elizabeth Bradfiel


Dancefest @ Nextfest 2016 | 14 minute work | Edmonton, AB

artArctica Festival 2016 | 17 minute work | Helsinki, FI

Artists Involved

Choreographer: Meghann Michalsky & Hailey Mcleod

Performers: Meghann Michalsky & Hailey Mcleod

Composer: Carmen Braden

Outside Eye: Mike Czuba, Mark Ideka & Kate Stashko

Supported by

Calgary Arts Development